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I will be in the author’s tent at the 150th anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Chancellorsville, being held in Spotsylvania this weekend. So, I’m hitting the road for Washington, DC this weekend, where I’ll be staying with old friends. I hope to see some of y’all there, and look to my Facebook group for photos from the event.

I finally found the time to dig up a WordPress theme that I thought was at least tolerable, and that meant I could put the bare minimum of finishing touches on this website: an Amazon prompt for the book itself (see right) and uploading all the maps for Stonewall Goes West. You can find those maps on the page cited on the toolbar above.

My official website and blog is not quite ready yet, but this is the right place. If you are looking for the maps that go with Stonewall Goes West, you can find them by clicking here and going to my Facebook page, which is ready for use.