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Hello folks,

I finally have some good news to report.

As you know, the last couple of years were not an easy time for me, ending in my divorce. When I eventually got back on the horse of writing fiction and resumed work on the third novel, it was after a long hiatus and I found that I had lost my knack for doing it.

I have spent months applying myself diligently, trying to get my momentum going again (I suppose “get my groove back” would be the way to describe it). I focused mostly on a Jackson vs. Thomas battle during this time, and my progress was glacial. I hated everything I put on paper, but I kept at it, knowing if I did I would eventually get my rhythm back.

Last week I had the break out I had been working towards. Composition suddenly became easy, and I was finally having fun with it again. From here, I can pick up the pace.