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Mixed News

on February 21, 2017 in Books 3 Comments »


I suppose this is a case of mixed news. The bad news is letting the cat out of the bag on what was the main cause for writing delays in 2016: the dissolution of my marriage. I have no desire to air any of that dirty laundry, suffice it to say I am now divorced.

Y’all have been very supportive, patient and understanding of the delays, dating back to when my son was born and I was about halfway through with it. The first year in the gap was spent taking care of my little boy; during the second, my marriage was coming unglued. Finding the time to write and the necessary headspace to create was close to impossible, but I did find it from time to time and make a little progress.

Well, now I am free and clear and back at work. After such a long lay off, I’m very much in the stage that I once upon a time called “putting crap on paper so I can try again later,” but I am working on it steadily again. As that goes on, I’ll get back in the zone and start cranking in a serious way.

To give you just a little peek at what I’m doing, right now I am focusing all of my efforts on finishing the book’s middle battle, between Jackson and Thomas.

Once again, thanks for sticking with me.