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Since I finally have something to report, the time has come for a status update.

As many who would read this already know, work on the third and concluding book in the Stonewall Goes West trilogy was postponed by the birth of my son, Luke. I went to part-time work status and began “Daddy Day Care Service,” so writing fiction went on the shelf. At that time, I had written about 50,000 words of draft material on the new book.

The last few weeks have seen sustained work on the new novel again. The “sustained” part is important, because I’ve tried restarting many times only to be completely derailed by events, and found myself unable to work on it again for weeks or even months at a time. If there is one thing I’ve learned about this process, it’s that it only works if I get some momentum going and it cannot be done in dribs and drabs.

This is the most work I’ve been able to do since my son was born, so it looks like I will finally be able to push on to the very end. I will post step-by-step status updates, and at some point release a couple of scenes as a sneak peek.