Union Order of Battle, Lawrenceburg Campaign

on September 5, 2013 in American Civil War, Units

Since I posted the fictional order of battle for the Army of Tennessee (CSA) during the equally fictional Lawrenceburg Campaign (May 1864) by request, I figured I would follow up by doing the same for the Army of the Tennessee (USA). Nobody asked for it, but fair is fair.

Army of the Tennessee (SGW May 1864)

Commanding: Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson

XV Corps
Commanding: Maj. Gen. John A. Logan

  • Harrow’s Division
  • Osterhaus’s Division
  • John Smith’s Division
  • Morgan Smith’s Division

XVI Corps
Commanding: Brig. Gen. Grenville Dodge

  • Sweeny’s Division
  • Veatch’s Division

Cavalry Division
Commanding (Acting): Col. Robert H.G. Minty

  • Klein’s Brigade
  • Smith’s Brigade
  • Saber Brigade (Colonel Sipes of 7th Pennsylvania, acting commander)


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