Confederate Order of Battle, Battle of Lawrenceburg

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One sharp-eyed reader asked me about Loring’s Division of Polk’s Corps at my fictitious Battle of Lawrenceburg, pointing out that the division appeared larger than it was for the historical Atlanta Campaign. That is a correct observation.

Stonewall Goes West is an alternate history, and as part of Jackson’s overall strategy, many units see small or medium-sized changes in organization. Some of these things I did because they were sensible, and others because they made for a better story while remaining plausible.

When Leonidas Polk took his Army of Mississippi to Atlanta, an ad-hoc division of three brigades was put together under the leadership of first James Cantey and then Edward Walthall. This ad hoc division is never created in my story. Instead, two of the three brigades that would have gone into it were added to Loring’s and French’s Divisions, making them larger. The third was assigned to garrison Corinth, Mississippi.

For readers who like this stuff, my Order of Battle for the Confederates at Lawrenceburg is:

Army of Tennessee (SGW May 1864)

Commanding: Gen.Thomas J. Jackson

Polk’s Corps (“Army of Mississippi”)
Commanding: Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk

French’s Division (Maj. Gen. Samuel French)

  • Ector’s Brigade (NC, TX)
  • Cockrell’s Brigade (MO)
  • Sear’s Brigade (MS)
  • Cantey’s Brigade (AL, MS)

Loring’s Division (Maj. Gen. W.W. Loring)

  • Featherston’s Brigade (MS)
  • Adams’ Brigade (MS)
  • Scott’s Brigade (AL)
  • Quarles’ Brigade (AL, LA, TN)

Hood’s Corps
Commanding: Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood

Cleburne’s Division (Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne)

  • Lucius Polk’s Brigade (CS, AK, TN)
  • Govan’s Brigade (AK)
  • Lowery’s Brigade (AL)
  • Granbury’s Brigade (TX)

Cheatham’s Tennessee Division (Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Cheatham)

  • Maney’s Brigade
  • Strahl’s Brigade
  • Wright’s Brigade
  • Vaughn’s Brigade

Stewart’s Corps
Commanding: Lt. Gen. A.P. Stewart

Clayton’s Division (Maj. Gen. Henry Clayton)

  • Stovall’s Brigade (GA)
  • Holtzclaw’s Brigade (AL)
  • Gibson’s Brigade (LA)
  • Baker’s Brigade (AL)

Stevenson’s Division (Maj. Gen. Carter Stevenson)

  • Brown’s Brigade (TN)
  • Cumming’s Brigade (GA)
  • Reynold’s Brigade (AL, NC, VA)
  • Pettus’s Brigade (AL)

Forrest’s Ad Hoc Cavalry Corps
Commanding: Maj. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

“Red” Jackson’s Division (Brig. Gen. William H. Jackson)

  • Armstrong’s Brigade (MS)
  • Ross’s Brigade (TX)
  • Ferguson’s Brigade (AL, MS)

Buford’s Division (Brig. Gen. Abraham Buford)

  • Lyon’s Brigade (KY)
  • Bell’s Brigade (TN)
  • Johnson’s Brigade (AL)

Rucker’s Brigade (Col. Edmund Rucker)
— independent, attached to whichever cavalry division Forrest supervised directly


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  1. Paul Carroll says:

    I really enjoy the book so far. I received it in the mail Friday and would probably have finished it except for all the football games on my television. There are some grammatical errors but they do not interfere with the flow of the story. I look forward to the next book in the series. When will it be released? Keep up the good work and thank you for an entertaining story!

    Ps: As a transplanted border stateer (Kentucky) it is good to see the Confederates kick Sherman’s ass!

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